© Copyright Ken Bower 2017 All Rights Reserved. 

© Copyright Ken Bower 2017 All Rights Reserved. 

b. 1977

My life-long passion using traditional fine art mediums inspired me to pick up the camera and use it as another creative tool to capture my vision. As I watched my first print come to life in the developer tray, I knew photography would forever be part of my life; that was over 25 years ago. Today, I am a fine art photographer focussing primarily on the Arctic and Subarctic regions.

Formally trained as a graphic designer, I look to uncover relationships between design fundamentals. I see landscapes in terms of shapes, scale, color and contrast; coupled with the emotional feeling at the time to bring to life something beyond mere locations.

The more time I spend on the computer processing images, the more of a disconnect I feel with my photos. Therefore, I only make minimal color corrections, dodge/burn, and nothing is added or removed with the exception of dust marks. 

As an avid outdoorsman I have coalesced my passion and love for the outdoors and photography. Traveling to extremely remote places that are rarely photographed drive me to push beyond the limitations of foul weather and rugged terrain to capture my impressions.

My work has been published by Stern, VICE, French GEO, Business Insider, Information.dk, Jungles in Paris, National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler.